Paddle Billing

Subscribe to notifications for discounts

Subscribe to notifications for discount events to get notified when discounts are created and updated.

What's new?

We added two new events that you can subscribe to:

How it works

Discounts let you reduce the amount that a customer has to pay by a percentage (e.g. -10%) or fixed amount (e.g. -$10) for an item or transaction.

Paddle now creates events for discounts, meaning you get notifications when a discount is created or updated.

Notifications include the complete discount entity, except discount.times_used. This field changes frequently, so isn't included in payloads.


Next steps

This change is available in version 1 of the Paddle API.

It's a non-breaking change, meaning it doesn't impact existing integrations.

You can create a notification destination for the new discount events by going to Paddle > Developer tools > Notifications, or by using the create a notification destination operation in the Paddle API.

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