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Cancellation Flows for Paddle Billing

Build personalized offboarding experiences that retain customers using Cancellation Flows. Retain automatically schedules subscriptions to cancel in Paddle Billing as part of the flow.

What's new?

We launched Cancellation Flows for Paddle Billing. Cancellation Flows are a key part of Paddle Retain, designed to help you automatically reduce churn through cancellations.

As a result, there's a new Paddle.Retain.initCancellationFlow() method in Paddle.js that you can use to launch a cancellation flow.

Animation showing screens in a cancellation flow. The text on the screens mirrors those found on the cancellation flows how-to guide, where each individual screen is described. The flow ends with the customer accepting a discount.

There are no changes to endpoints or fields in the API as a result of this change — it's an update to Paddle Retain.

How it works

Retain Cancellation Flows presents customers with a simple survey that suggests dynamic salvage attempts — like pausing a subscription or switching plan — as well as gathering useful insights around why they want to cancel. In our testing, we found that it automatically reduced churn through cancellations by up to 30%.

You can launch a cancellation flow using the new Paddle.Retain.initCancellationFlow() method in Paddle.js. It's fully integrated with Paddle Billing:

  • If customers choose to pause their subscription, it's automatically paused in Paddle Billing.
  • If customers choose to downgrade, their plan is automatically changed in Paddle Billing.
  • If customers accept a discount, it's automatically applied to their subscription in Paddle Billing.
  • If customers choose to cancel, Retain automatically schedules the subscription to cancel in Paddle Billing.

Next steps

This change is available now.

There are no changes to endpoints or fields in the API as a result of this change.

To get started with Cancellation Flows, check out our guide: Configure Cancellation Flows and salvage offers.

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