Paddle Billing

Present full cancellation flows in all jurisdictions

Gather insights into why a customer wants to cancel and present them with dynamic salvage attempts while remaining fully compliant in regions with one-click cancellation legislation.

What's new?

We updated Cancellation Flows for Paddle Billing so that we present full cancellation flows for customers in regions with one-click cancellation legislation. To remain compliant, we include a link to cancel on each screen of the flow.

There are no changes to Paddle.js or the Paddle API as a result of this change.

How it works

Retain Cancellation Flows presents customers with a simple survey that suggests dynamic salvage attempts — like pausing a subscription or switching plan — as well as gathering useful insights around why they want to cancel. In our testing, we found that it automatically reduced churn through cancellations by up to 30%.

In some regions, you must provide a way for customers to cancel in one click. Previously, we presented customers in these regions with a simple one-screen form that captured a cancellation reason and canceled their subscription.

Now, we present the full cancellation flow to customers in these regions. On each step of the flow, we include a link to cancel their subscription right away — making sure that you're fully compliant with one-click cancellation legislation, while also gathering valuable insights and helping to reduce churn.

Next steps

This change is available now. You don't need to do anything if you're already using Cancellation Flows — we automatically detect when users are in a one-click cancellation region and include a link to cancel right away.

If you don't use Cancellation Flows, check out our guide to get started: Configure Cancellation Flows and salvage offers.

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