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Page through notification settings

The list notification settings operation is now paginated, making it easier work with a large number of notification settings.

What's new?

We updated the list notification settings operation so that it's now paginated. This means it returns a meta.pagination object in responses, and supports query parameters that let you work through paginated results.

How it works

A notification setting is a webhook endpoint or email address that Paddle sends notifications about events to. It's sometimes called a notification destination.

You can create and update notification settings through the Paddle API, as well as listing all the settings that you've created. Only ten notification settings may be active at once, but you may create as many notification destinations as you like.

Previously, results when listing notification settings were not paginated. To improve performance for customers who have a large number of notification settings, we added pagination to the list notification settings operation. This is useful for customers who create notification and deactivate notification settings periodically using the API.

You can work with paginated results using the meta.pagination object returned in responses and the per_page, order_by, and after query parameters in requests.

Summary of changes to fields


This is a summary of the changes to responses in the Paddle API:

List notification settingsmeta.paginationNew objectContains keys used for working with paginated results.

Query parameters

This is a summary of changes to query parameters in the Paddle API:

List notification settingsper_pageNew parameterThe default number returned is 200, which differs from other endpoints.
List notification settingsorder_byNew parameter
List notification settingsafterNew parameter

Next steps

This change is available in version 1 of the Paddle API.

The default number of results returned when listing notification settings is 200, which means there is no impact on existing integrations.

You can list notification settings using the API to start using the pagination options.

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