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Create and download reports using the API

Export data from your Paddle system using the Paddle API as well as the web app. There are five new operations in the API.

What's new?

We updated the Paddle API so that you can create and download reports using the Paddle API.

As a result, we added four new operations to the Paddle API and two new webhooks.

We also added a new kind of entity for reports, returned by reporting operations. Report entities describe a report that was generated in your Paddle system. They have Paddle IDs that are prefixed with rep_.

How it works

Reports let you export data from your Paddle system for further analysis or manipulation. You can use them as part of your financial processes, like calculating revenue and analyzing trends.

Previously, you could create reports using the Paddle web app. With this change, you can create reports using the Paddle API, too.

Creating a report using the API mirrors creating a report using the Paddle web app:

  • You can choose from a selection of available report types.
  • You can use the filter array to filter the data that's included on your report.
  • After you create a report, Paddle starts work on generating it.
  • When Paddle has finished generating a report, you can use the Paddle ID of a report to get a download link for a CSV file that includes your report data.

You can use the new report.created and report.updated webhooks to get notified when a report is created initially, and when a report is ready to download.

Summary of changes


This is a summary of the changes to fields in the Paddle API and webhooks:

reportNew entityReturned by reporting operations and webhooks.

API operations

This is a summary of new operations:

GET/reportsList reports
POST/reportsCreate a report
GET/reports/{report_id}Get a report
GET/reports/{report_id}/download-urlGet a CSV file for a report


This is a summary of new webhooks:

report.createdOccurs when a report is created.
report.updatedOccurs when a report is updated.

Next steps

This change is available in version 1 of the Paddle API.

It's a non-breaking change, meaning it doesn't impact existing integrations.

Check out our generate reports guide and the report entity overview in the API reference to get started.

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