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Report entities describe a report that was generated in your Paddle system.

Reports are a way of exporting data from your Paddle system for further analysis or manipulation. You can choose from a selection of reports, and filter the data that's included on them.

Report entities hold information like:

  • What kind of report it is
  • How the data on the report was filtered
  • How many records are on the report
  • Whether the report is ready to download, or if it's still processing

Report entities do not hold report data themselves. They describe the criteria used to generate a report.

After Paddle has finished generating a report, you can use the Paddle ID of a report to get a download link for a CSV file that includes your report data.

Learn how to create and download reports, and what kind of data you can expect to see on each kind of report. See: Generate reports



Unique Paddle ID for this report, prefixed with rep_


Status of this report. Set automatically by Paddle.

Reports are created as pending initially, then move to ready when they're available to download.

rowsinteger or null

Number of records in this report. null if the report is pending.


Type of report.


List of filters applied to this report.


Field name to filter by.

operatorstring or null

Operator to use when filtering. Valid when filtering by updated_at, null otherwise.

valuearray or string

Value to filter by. Check the allowed values descriptions for the name field to see valid values for a field.

expires_atstring<date-time> or null

RFC 3339 datetime string of when this report expires. The report is no longer available to download after this date.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this report was last updated.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this report was created.

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