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OpenAPI spec file and Postman collection release

Download an OpenAPI spec file for our API or fork our Postman collection to better work with the Paddle API programmatically.

What's new?

We released an OpenAPI spec file describing our API and created a public Postman collection.

How it works

OpenAPI spec file

The API reference section of our developer docs contains the most up-to-date description of how our API works. It's designed for browsing and reading by humans.

OpenAPI spec files are a standardized way of describing the structure and syntax of APIs. They're designed for machine reading rather than human browsing, letting you work with YAML or JSON files programmatically.

We released an OpenAPI spec file that describes the Paddle API. You can use it in your own tooling and workflows as part of testing or integration.

The OpenAPI spec file that we're sharing powers the Paddle developer docs, so it includes all the same operations, requests, responses, and examples that you can find when browsing our API reference. It also includes complete definitions for our webhooks, too.

To stay up-to-date with API changes, you can fork the @PaddleHQ/paddle-openapi repo on GitHub. When we update the API, you can sync to get the latest changes.

Postman collection

Postman is platform for working with and testing APIs. Our Postman collection lets you see all operations available in the API and quickly make requests. It's a great way to explore the Paddle API if you're new to the platform or want to test newly released functionality.

As well as making requests, Postman lets you store examples, create tests, and add your own documentation or notes to help you when working with the Paddle API.

Next steps

This change is available now.

There are no changes to endpoints or fields in the API as a result of this change.

Go to our SDKs and tools page to get our OpenAPI spec file from GitHub or fork our Postman collection.

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