Paddle Billing

Listen for checkout warnings from Paddle.js

Get details about invalid or missing information passed to a checkout when opening, so you can handle it in your frontend.

What's new?

We added a new checkout.warning event for Paddle.js. It's emitted when there's a problem with a checkout that doesn't stop the checkout from opening, like invalid or missing information was passed.

How it works

When opening a checkout, you can pass data to prefill properties or set optional settings. For example, you might capture country or email address on a landing page before a prospect interacts with your checkout. You can pass this data to Paddle.js when opening to prefill it, meaning your customer doesn't need to re-enter information.

If you pass data that isn't valid, or pass incomplete data, then Paddle Checkout opens but doesn't include any prefilled information.

You can now listen for the new checkout.warning event emitted by Paddle.js to get information about what was wrong with the information that was passed. This is especially useful for inline checkout integrations, where you have more control over the design of the page and might like to display a custom error message.


Next steps

This change is live in Paddle.js now, so you can start listening for checkout.warning when you're ready.

You don't need to do anything to get the latest version of Paddle.js — we serve the latest version automatically.

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