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Upgrade & Downgrade Subscriptions

You can upgrade or downgrade a user’s subscription manually in your Paddle dashboard or by using our APIs to let your users upgrade or downgrade in one click.

Upgrades / Downgrades via Dashboard

To manually upgrade or downgrade a user’s subscription, go to your Paddle Dashboard > Customers > Subscribers. Here you can search for the specific subscription by the email, plan ID or subscription ID. Once you have found the subscription, click “View”, then select “Change Plan” under the Subscription section.

Please note that:

  • Subscribers on non-quantity plans can move to quantity plans but not the inverse.
  • Subscribers must be billed immediately when moving to a plan with a different billing interval.
  • Subscribers cannot be moved to a plan where the current currency is not enabled.
  • Subscribers cannot be moved to a different plan while on a trialing/paused/past due state.
  • Recurring coupons (if present) will be removed when the plan is changed.

When viewing a subscription on the dashboard, you can also choose to cancel or pause the subscription.

Upgrades / Downgrades via API

Allowing users to upgrade or downgrade their subscription is an important part of subscription lifecycle management. With Paddle you can allow your self-serve users to upgrade or downgrade in one click with our APIs.

In order to allow your users to make subscription changes, we recommend that you create a user/account managment area on your website or app. Here you can display the current plan the user is subscribed to and options for upgrading and downgrading.

Both upgrades and downgrades can be managed using the Update User API. You will pass details such as whether or not to bill immediately, whether to prorate and the plan_id of the plan the user will be moved to.

For full details of the Update User API see our API documentation.