Fulfillment Webhook

Order Fulfillment webhooks are used to send order-specific data to a customer after a checkout is completed. These work differently to other Paddle webhooks. For information about usage and setup, see: Order Fulfillment Overview.

Information sent in the payload for all Product Purchased fulfillment webhooks is summarized in the table below.

event_timestring<date-time>The date and time the event was triggered in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
p_countrystringThe two-letter ISO country code of the customer. For a full list of supported countries, see our Supported Countries page.US GB DE
p_couponstringThe coupon code that was used on this order.
Min Length: >=5 characters
Max Length: <=300 characters
p_coupon_savingsstringThe amount of savings given by the applied coupon.
p_currencystringThe three-letter ISO currency code. For a full list of supported currencies, see our Supported Currencies page.
p_earningsstringThe amount credited to your balance. It is returned as a JSON string in the format: {vendor_id: earnings_amount}. The string will contain multiple entries if there is more than one account involved in the purchase (for example a split checkout).
p_order_idstringThe Paddle Order ID for this payment. This can be used to look up the order within your Vendor Dashboard.
p_paddle_feestringThe amount of this order that was paid to Paddle as a fee.
p_pricestringThe price the user paid for this order.
p_product_idstringThe dashboard ID of the product purchased in this order.
p_quantitystringThe number of products or subscription seats sold in the transaction.
p_sale_grossstringThe total value of the sale (including tax) in the sale currency.
p_tax_amountstringThe amount of this order that was paid in tax.
p_used_price_overridestringWhether the dashboard price was overridden.
Allowed values: 1 0
passthroughstringThis field contains any values that you passed into the checkout using the passthrough parameter. Max Length: <=1000 characters. For more information see our Pass Parameters page.
quantitystringThis field is deprecated and will be removed in a future update. Please refer to the p_quantity field instead.
p_signaturestringThis field contains an encrypted token that you can use to verify the request authenticity. See Verifying Webhooks.
p_custom_datastringA JSON encoded string of custom data that was passed into the checkout for this order.{"external_id": 42}

You may specify additional custom webhook data fields for each product, either attaching order-specific information or static values. Available fields are summarized in the table below.

Emailstring<email>The email address of the customer.
messagestringThe custom message displayed in the checkout. Max length: <=255 characters
customer_namestringThe name of the customer. For card payments, this will return the cardholder name entered by the buyer during the checkout. For PayPal payments, this will return the name from the PayPal account used during the checkout. For all other payment methods where the name is not collected (including Apple Pay and Wire Transfer), we will return the email prefix from the customer's email address.
transaction_idstringA unique hash representing the transaction.
checkout_idstringThe checkout id of the order created.27835673-chre93c81118fc7-b3092639c1
static_valuestringAny fixed string value you wish to include in webhooks for this product.
marketing_consentstringThis field is only included if the customer email is included. The value of this field 0 or 1 indicates whether the user has agreed to receive marketing messages from the vendor. Allowed values: 0 1