Subscription Created

A subscription_created event is fired when a customer subscribes to a new subscription, successfully.

Information sent in the payload for a subscription_created webhook is summarised in the table below.

alert_idstringThe unique identifier for this paddle webhook alert. Integer value sent as a string.
alert_namestringThe alert name. Default value: subscription_created
cancel_urlstring<uri>A URL for the 'Cancel Subscription' page. See this documentation for further information about cancelation URLs. Store this url together with the subscribed customer in your database.
Max length: <=200 characters
checkout_idstringThe checkout id of the order created.27835673-chre93c81118fc7-b3092639c1
currencystringThe three-letter iso currency code. For a full list of supported currencies, see our Supported Currencies page.USD GBP
custom_datastringA JSON encoded string of custom data that was passed into the checkout for this subscription{"external_id": 42}
emailstring<email>The email address of the customer.
event_timestring<date-time>The date and time the event was triggered in UTC (coordinated universal time).`[0-9]{4}-(0[1-9]\
marketing_consentstringThe value of this field 0 or 1 indicates whether the user has agreed to receive marketing messages from the vendor.
Allowed values: 0 1
next_bill_datestring<date>The date the next payment is due for this subscription.
p_signaturestringContains an encrypted token that you can use to verify the request authenticity. See Verifying Webhooks.
passthroughstringContains any values that you passed into the checkout using the passthrough parameter. See the Pass Parameters documentation for more information.
Max length: <=1000 characters
quantitystringThe number of products or subscription seats sold in the transaction.
sourcestringReferrer website url(s) from where the traffic originated.
statusstringThe current status of the subscription. A list of possible values and their meanings can be found in Event Statuses.
Allowed values: active trialing past_due paused deleted
subscription_idstringThe unique Subscription ID for this customer’s subscription. Store this with the customer in your database, as it is needed for making API calls.
subscription_plan_idstringThe ID of the Subscription Plan to which the customer is subscribed. This value changes if the plan changes.
unit_pricestringThe price per unit of the subscription.
update_urlstring<url>The URL for the Update Payment Details page. See this documentation regarding update URLs. Store this URL together with the subscribed customer in your database.
user_idstringThe customer User ID.