Create a Subscription Plan

  • In your Dashboard, click "Catalog" and then "Subscription Plans"
  • Click on "New Plan"
  • Provide a name for your subscription plan
  • Select the relevant taxable category - click here to learn more. Note that only "Standard Digital Goods" will show as an option by default - other taxable categories can be requested in the Taxable Categories page once you have created at least one product/plan.
  • Upload a plan icon, which will be displayed in the checkout
  • Select a billing interval (e.g. monthly, yearly)
  • Optionally, enable quantity to allow for multiple seats to be purchased
  • Set the billing interval price in any currency you wish to support. You may also enable additional currencies - this can be set to track the value of your default currency according to the exchange rate, or you can "edit" and set a specific amount for each currency.
  • Click "Save Plan"