Paddle Billing


Occurs when a price is updated.

created_at and updated_at may be null in events that occurred before this field was added to price entities.


Unique Paddle ID for this event, prefixed with evt_.


Type of event sent by Paddle, in the format entity.event_type.


RFC 3339 datetime string of when this event occurred.


Represents a price entity.


Unique Paddle ID for this price, prefixed with pri_.


Paddle ID for the product that this price is for, prefixed with pro_.


Internal description for this price, not shown to customers. Typically notes for your team.


Type of item. Standard items are considered part of your catalog and are shown on the Paddle web app.

namestring or null

Name of this price, shown to customers at checkout and on invoices. Typically describes how often the related product bills.

billing_cycleobject or null

How often this price should be charged. null if price is non-recurring (one-time).

trial_periodobject or null

Trial period for the product related to this price. The billing cycle begins once the trial period is over. null for no trial period. Requires billing_cycle.


How tax is calculated for this price.


Base price. This price applies to all customers, except for customers located in countries where you have unit_price_overrides.


List of unit price overrides. Use to override the base price with a custom price and currency for a country or group of countries.


Limits on how many times the related product can be purchased at this price. Useful for discount campaigns.


Whether this entity can be used in Paddle.

custom_dataobject or null

Your own structured key-value data.

import_metaobject or null

Import information for this entity. null if this entity is not imported.

created_atstring<date-time> or null

RFC 3339 datetime string of when this entity was created. Set automatically by Paddle.

updated_atstring<date-time> or null

RFC 3339 datetime string of when this entity was updated. Set automatically by Paddle.


Unique Paddle ID for this notification, prefixed with ntf_.