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Paddle Billing

Too many requests

There have been too many requests to the API from your IP address, so it's been temporarily rate-limited.

Error MessageYou have exceeded the allowed rate limit, please retry your request after the number of seconds in the Retry-After header.
Error Codetoo_many_requests
Status Code429

Common causes

  • You've sent too many requests to the API and hit a rate limit. Rate limiting helps protect the Paddle platform and make sure it works smoothly for everyone.

  • A third-party integration you authorized may be contributing to your account rate limit.


  • Check the Retry-After header included with the error response. This is the number of seconds that your account is limited for. Retry your request after the number of seconds.

  • Minimize the number of requests by using include parameters or temporarily caching data for a short period — especially when building client-side applications.

  • Contact the Paddle Seller Support team if you're not sure why you're being rate limited, or you're expecting a spike in traffic. Include the request_id with your message, if you received one.