Paddle Billing

Retain x Paddle.js

Use Retain with Paddle.js to automatically improve retention.

Paddle Retain uses algorithms that leverage millions of data points to systematically reduce churn from payment failures.

Learn more about Retain: Paddle Retain

How it works

Paddle.js with Retain works on both your commercial or marketing website and your app.

Commercial website

On your commercial or marketing website, Paddle.js with Retain can show retry payment forms for customers in dunning. There's no need to log in, making for a frictionless experience with improved retention rates.

Screenshot of a Retain modal on a commercial website. It prompts a customer to make a payment for their overdue balance.


In your app, Paddle.js with Retain can show notifications to update payment details. It also tracks engagement, powering things like intelligent retries and term optimization.

Screenshot of a Retain notification in-app. It lets a customer know that their subscription is overdue.

Add Retain to your app

Paddle.js integrates with Retain, so you don't have to include a separate Retain script in your app or website. Client-side tokens for live accounts authenticate with both Paddle Billing and Paddle Retain, so there's no need to pass a separate key for Retain.

When including Paddle.js, pass a customer to Paddle Retain to start automatically improving retention.

To use Retain, include Paddle.js on every page of your web app or website — including your commercial or marketing website.

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