Paddle Billing

Data mapping: Paddle Classic and Paddle Billing

All the data in Paddle Classic can be mapped to Paddle Billing, but as a complete reimagining of how you work with the Paddle platform, some of the data doesn't map one-to-one.

After you activate Paddle Billing for your account, you get access to Paddle Billing data alongside your Paddle Classic data. Paddle Billing and Paddle Classic share some core settings, but most data is separate. This includes customer, catalog, and subscription data. To move fully to Paddle Billing, you need to replace your integration with Paddle Classic with an integration that uses the Paddle Billing API, webhooks, and Paddle.js v2.

This guide walks through how data in Paddle Classic maps to data in Paddle Billing at a technical level. You can use it to understand how you should build your integration with Paddle Billing.

Porting subscription data from Paddle Classic to Paddle Billing is in early access.

Shared settings

Paddle Billing is built on the Paddle platform, so it shares core settings with Paddle Classic.

  • Account verification

    You don't need to verify your domains, business, or identity again.

  • Your Paddle account settings

    Business account settings and team members are the same across Paddle Classic and Paddle Billing.

  • Checkout customization options

    Payment methods, branding options, and other checkout customization options work across Paddle Classic and Paddle Billing.

  • Your balance and payouts

    Earnings from transactions both Paddle Classic and Paddle Billing are added to your balance, and you're paid out using the same payout settings.

  • Taxable categories

    Paddle verifies what kinds of products you're able to sell at the account level, so you don't need to get approval for taxable categories in Paddle Billing if you were approved for them in Paddle Classic.

  • Allowed IP addresses

    Webhooks from Paddle Billing are sent from the same IP addresses as Paddle Classic.

  • API keys

    API keys work for both Paddle Classic and Paddle Billing, though we recommend you generate new keys when integrating with the Paddle Billing API.

Technical comparison

Core entities

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